Come and admire a fantastic spectacle that is accessible for all ages! Breathtaking views and grandiose wilderness await you all along the way as you cross the two Himalayan footbridges over the Drac and the Ebron. A 30 minute boat crossing is necessary to complete the entire loop. The trail is about 13 kilometres long, with an increase in elevation by 400 metres over the length of the route, making it doable for young and old alike. Plan to hike for 3 to 4 hours and be sure to bring a picnic and plenty of water! You can begin your walk in either Treffort or Savel. Park your vehicle on
one of the car parks provided for that purpose. Then, you can choose between one of two options:

  • Take the boat across the lake in the morning (from Treffort or Savel) and then follow the footbridge trail back to your vehicle.
  • Follow the footbridge trail (starting in Treffort or Savel) to the other side of the lake and then take the boat back to your car in the afternoon.

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