Have you always dreamed of trying windsurfing or sailing a catamaran (or foil!)? Then head to BNSM (Savel Monteynard water sports centre)! BNSM is the perfect place for trying these sports or honing your skills. Here, you can hire equipment and book private and group lessons.

  • Windsurfing: standing on your board, you control your sail to make sure you stay on course.
  • Catamaran : your sailing boat has two parallel hulls.
  • Dinghy: this boat has just the one hull.
  • Windfoiling: windsurfing, version 2.0! Here, you’re still standing on your board, and the gear is similar, but you also have a hydrofoil that lets you fly above the water…

Classes and lessons: These small classes are led by certified and/or FFVoile (French Sailing Federation) accredited instructors.

Equipment rental: (be careful, for the rental of equipment, proof of the level is requested by the nautical base!)

  • Catamaran: from €30
  • Dinghies: from €30
  • Windsurfing: from €25
  • Windfoil: from 55€